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What is Property Lease Manager

Property Lease Manager is a rental management platform which assists self-managing landlords in the running of their day-to-day rental property business by organizing and maintaining information about their properties, tenants and property rentals. One can use both the web interface and the mobile app to manage their rental properties.

Simplify your leasing process and stay organized effortlessly. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily track and manage all your property leases in one place. Keep essential information at your fingertips, such as lease terms, payment details, and tenant contacts. Receive automated reminders for rent collection and lease renewals, ensuring you never miss a deadline. Streamline communication with tenants through built-in messaging features. From residential properties to commercial spaces, Property Lease Manager empowers landlords and property managers with efficiency and peace of mind.

Breathtaking Dashboard

Manage your properties from a tailor made dashboard that focuses on the most important stuff that you want to see. All of your rentals managed under one hood and everything is accessible within a few clicks.

Never miss a payment!

Track your payments and never lose track of your leases through notifications for due and overdue payments.

Monitor your Rental Performance

The platform is built with charting and monitoring tools which enable landlords to capture highly informative insights into the revenues versus expenses generated by the properties over time.

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Property Lease Manager greatly improves productivity and efficiency in organizing your rental properties. Eliminate all the hassle in managing your rental revenues and expenses over time. Don't waste time collecting payment information and generated expenses. Let your work be at the hands of an ever evolving platform that is tailored made to meet landlord requirements.

View your profits generated after calculating revenues and expenses. Collect information through lease payment entries and property expenses. Generate reports for monthly or annual periods. Get insights into your data with enhanced and real-time visual infographics. Reduce manual administration and boost business development opportunities.

Why You Need a Property Management Platform

Don't Be A Paper Trail Landlord
Being a landlord can be a rewarding experience. You get to provide a home for someone, and rental income can be a great financial asset. But managing properties, tenants, and leases can quickly become overwhelming, especially for those with multiple units.
This is where a property management platform comes in. It's not just a fancy to-do list; it's a powerful tool that can streamline your operations, save you time and money, and keep you organized. Here's why having a platform to manage your rentals is a smart move
Centralized Data Management
A robust property management platform centralizes all essential data in one place. This means leases, tenant information, property details, and financial records are easily accessible and organized. Gone are the days of sifting through piles of paperwork or juggling multiple spreadsheets. With everything stored digitally, landlords can quickly retrieve any information they need, ensuring better organization and reducing the risk of losing important documents.

Why Property Lease Manager

Property Lease Manager streamlines a landlord's record-keeping by transforming time-consuming paperwork into a manageable process. This user-friendly platform empowers property rental businesses with numerous tools, creating a seamless working environment. Landlords can experience the benefit of effortless lease tracking within minutes of using the platform. Designed for ease of use, Property Lease Manager is a pleasure to work with. Gain insights into your finances with timely, on-demand reports generated by property, income, and expenses.

Benefits of Joining Property Lease Manager
Time Saved and Increased Efficiency
  • Centralized OrganizationAll information about properties, tenants, and finances is in one place, accessible from anywhere. No more hunting through folders!
  • Automated RemindersReceive automatic reminders for rent due dates, lease renewals, and maintenance needs, preventing missed payments and delays.
Improved Financial Management
  • Accurate and Timely ReportingGenerate detailed reports on income, expenses, and cash flow for each property, providing valuable insights for financial planning and tax purposes.
Reduced Risk and Improved Tenant Management
  • Simplified CommunicationMake use of communication tools to facilitate communication with tenants to receive timely lease and other payments.

A Scalable Rental Property Management Platform

Landlords with growing portfolios look for a platform that can adapt to their needs. As a landlord acquires more properties, managing them efficiently becomes a challenge. Property Lease Manager ensures the accommodation of an increasing number of properties without requiring significant changes in workflow. It allows seamless addition of new properties, tenants, and lease agreements by offering a centralized system, while retaining simplicity and ease of use.

Features of our property rent management platform

  • Asset Creation
  • Create Unlimited Properties
  • Create Unlimited Tenants
  • Create Unlimited Leases
  • Asset Property Management
  • Create Expenses
  • Create Recurring Expenses
  • Archived Tenants
  • Progress Notifications & Reminders
  • Lease Progress Indicators
  • Due & Overdue Payments
  • Upcoming & Expiring Leases
  • Asset Tracking
  • Payments Logger
  • View Accumulated Revenue
  • Security Deposits
  • Monitor Properties Performance
  • Financial Statements
  • Generate Invoices
  • Generate Receipts
  • Reporting
  • Revenue Charting & Reporting
  • Expenses Charting & Reporting
  • Revenue vs Expenses Reports
  • Income/Expense Report Generator
  • Property Performance Reports
  • CloudSync
  • Synchronize your data across multiple devices
  • Document Files Synchronization
  • Backup Facilities
  • Other Tools
  • User Role Management
  • Multi-point Information Dashboard
  • Rent Calculator

Also Available on Play Store

Android Bot

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If you prefer using mobile devices, the Property Lease Manager app is perfectly suited for you. This fully-featured mobile application is equipped with all the tools you need to efficiently manage your property business. Additionally, it can be integrated with your web platform, giving you the flexibility to use either the online platform or the mobile app as you prefer.

Property Lease Manager app screenshot: Properties 1
Property Lease Manager app screenshot: Properties 2
Property Lease Manager app screenshot: Properties 3
Property Lease Manager app screenshot: Leases 1
Property Lease Manager app screenshot: Leases 2
Property Lease Manager app screenshot: Leases 3
Property Lease Manager app screenshot: Leases 4
Property Lease Manager app screenshot: Monitor Expenses 1
Property Lease Manager app screenshot: Monitor Expenses 2
Property Lease Manager app screenshot: Charts 1
Property Lease Manager app screenshot: Charts 2
Read more in detail about the mobile app features on our Android App page.
Simply explore the app yourself by downloading it directly from Play Store here.

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